Rhyse Swiftarrow

water genasi swordmage


*Magic Items *

Weapon: Jagged Longsword +3
Weapon: Frost Javelin +1, with bursting effect (DM made)
Armor: Beastlord Hide Armor +2
Arms: Iron Armbands of Power
Feet: Acrobat Boots
Hands: Antipathy Gloves
Head: Skull Mask
Neck: Stormwalker’s Cloak +3
Ring: Ring of Brotherhood (Rhyse’s Signet Ring)
Waist: Viper Belt
Wonderous Items: Sapphire Scabbard, Exodus Knife
Potions: Potion of Vitality, Gravespawn Potion


Most of the journal seems very old and somewhat waterlogged but there seems to be a few new entries and a couple older entries that are still legible from Rhyse Swiftarrow.

It seems so long ago when I first traveled in what they call the Forgotten Realms. I do not even remember where it all started. All I remember is starting off adventuring and doing a simple mission where I met a beautiful half-elf women, and saved here from some sort of evil thinking that I should almost give up my adventuring life and settle down and that’s pretty much where it all started. My adventuring group I was in was thrown inside of the earth and found a upside down world that only had light, even the sun did not falter although the half-elf did die has her country blew up in the earth tear. Struggling to find our way we eventually found a city and found a bard friend that our cleric eventually in her life turned to care for and headed south. It was a quite interesting trip as I split ways for a moment to travel with the army of the city and almost got myself killed to only find my group again and get captured by some dark elves. These were not the same as the drow we know as they lived in the forest, but we escaped and in the darkness they cast in the lighted world our fire cleric burnt down their forest. Although probably not a good idea it worked well and we escaped. As we headed south we found out how much the world was a harsh place as we lost a dear friend of mine, Calindor, to a bolt of lightning. Although that would not be the only member of the party we lost, it was however the only one I came back for eventually and had the clerics bring back to life so that he could continue his adventuring career. I some days wonder how he has been or what became of him. From there we finally came to another city where we adventured out of. Many great and grand adventures came from that city and its accursed Emperor, but after a few long years of adventuring and my new hatred towards hobgoblins, thanks to our beloved emperor, our whole party decided to settle down and do our own studies from the city instead of a group. The cleric built a temple and lived with the bard, our rogue left the country to find his soul, a whole story in its own, and our ranger friend left back to the woods as a protector. I however found out that there was a floating island which the kingdom I thought was blown away in our old world was sucked into this world and I again found the half-elf. However at this time I was now a full blown elf due to some ancient artifacts, but none the less I was married and lived in the mage tower where I studied. Years past and all of the adventuring group died from old age as well as my wife except for Malakye, who also was turned into a full blown elf. I guess the rogue could still be alive since I don’t know how a body lives without a soul but I never heard anything from him again. Either way Malakye heard of a portal back to the realms so I left the world of Mystara and went back to the realms with Malakye.

The Realms have been a good place to return to. Although I do not remember the place its nice to be somewhere new and away from the city that has so many memories. Malakye has started a trading company called Nightblade Trading Company and I have purchased some land in Sembia where I have built a tower and have been quite happy researching from there.

Recently, I received a message from Malakye saying we should go back adventuring with just us to and start off in Undermountain. It is a grand dungeon but recently there has been some strange visions happening to some people about Halaster so I am guessing we will not go.

I have come across some disturbing information. It looks like there has been a break out of something called a Spell Plague. No one quite knows about it but there has been some strange mutations, loss of wizards power by some wizards and even large explosions in some areas. I had been researching the Plane of Water trying to figure out how it behaves with the flow of life and I have never had a chance to peruse it, but with the spell plague here I should seek shelter in the safe haven I created so I can help figure out a way to remove this plague. I leave tomorrow.

This is where the waterlogged part ends and the new part begins.

I am not sure what happened. When I entered the portal I saw a flash and found myself waking up in the middle of the bottom of a Dragonmere Lake and found my body to be that of a water Genasi. A bit disturbing at first, but I guess a lot easier to breath in water where I found myself in. After getting my barring I swam to the service and was picked up by a boat. I decided to work with the crew to get some gold as I found myself with only ordinary bag that had my mostly ruined journal and my signet ring that use to have magic on it, which I made for my last adventuring group. I have also found out that I have lost most of my magical powers as a wizard, but I still do remember how to use a sword I found out. I sort of regret now not continuing to practice the sword as I am finding out I am not as good as I use to be, but it is coming back. Also it appears that most of my magical talents are coming back, but only through the weapon I use. A bit interesting but I see it as a good way to continue practice in both. After a few months work I now have some basic equipment and clothes, which at start was quite embarrassing, but we landed on the shores of Suzail where I intend to go to the library to find out what has happened the last 100 years that I some how have missed.

Although my coin is now running out I found a great find at the library. As well as getting caught up on what has happened in the last years I found a lost friend. When in the library I found a human using the name of Calindor. Not taking any notice of it at first, after a while the speech and features are the same of the Calindor I knew. Talking to him I found he is more clueless of what happened to him as then I am about the last 100 years and what happened to me as he does not remember anything. Over the last few weeks he has only remembered a few things and luckily they were when he started his career as an adventurer and of Mystara but nothing else. I am sure it will come back in time. With the last of the coin for the room I had run out Calindor and I spoke and figure our best way to figure things out were to start back adventuring. Also it was a way we both earned our first coins so it will probably be the best way. The only thing is we need to have a charter, which we do not have enough for anymore but have heard of a town called Tyrluk to the north where a leading Knight of the Purple Dragon will give us a charter if we help remove some bandit problems they are having with a group called the “Baron of Blood”. That should be interesting if nothing else. Well we finally got to Tyrluk and we started our charter as the “Timeless Destiny Adventuring Company”, which fits in pretty well. I am guessing Calindor and I will look for more party members tomorrow as we decided on getting 3 or 4 more members starting tomorrow. It will be interesting on how that goes.

Rhyse Swiftarrow

COF rhyse