Champions of Faerun

This large adventuring company was founded by several scholars, sages and nobles interested in battling evil across Faerun. They achieve this goal by destroying evil creatures, bringing villiang to justice, overthrowing evil governments, supporting good governments, etc.

The Champions also take on missions that result in greater power or wealth for CoF, allowing them to achieve their main goal of defeating evil with greater effectiveness.

The Champions of Faerun are based in and around Baldur’s Gate. Most of the founding members are from this area and the vast resources make it a great headquarters. They have also found that there is plenty of evil to be rooted out in Baldur’s Gate so they are never short on work.

The headquarters is Fairbreeze Manor, located in the Bloomridge neighborhood of Baldur’s Gate.

Important NPC’s

Azagalas the Sage

Lady Fairbreeze, Priestess of Tymora

Gorrick Stonebelly, man-at-arms at Fairbreeze Manor

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Champions of Faerun

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