The Auction - Part 2

28 Flamerule, 1479 DR

With Dargroth going back to the city, Dresden and Jaz decided to go him on the way just incase. Once they got back to Baldur’s Gate they sent Rhyse to help the party.

Once Rhyse arrived the Champions of Faerun continued their way towards the Duergar lair and found some that just got done fighting some strange being of ice that destroyed many of them, guessing it was Lady Iceheart. The Duergar on the other hand seeing the party attacked them and were eventually killed.

The party then climbed down into the cave overlooking the ocean and found the Duergar lair. Inside was a large amount of treasure they were using to make their bid. Also in there was a Duergar and a Mindflayer. Knowing they would be attacked the Duergar asked help from his evil gods and the treasure rose into some live animated treasure golem. After a long battle the party was victorious and took the treasure and went back to town.

Once arriving back in the city, the party found out that Dargroth, Dresden, and Jaz ended up convincing Travellon that he was indeed in trouble. Travellon then decided he would in return gave the item to the Champions of Faerun for some financial help and security in his future missions.

The Auction

28 Flamerule, 1479 DR

The party found that the key that they are looking for is scepter. Talking to Travellon they found out that he planned on selling it to the highest bidder to help his other expeditions. Meanwhile they found out about other interested parties and did some investigation. After investigating the interested parties they found out that there was some dark dwarves and also Lady Iceheart that was looking for the scepter. Lady Iceheart had one of her minions talk to Dargaroth and told him that the dwarves would win the bid if they did not take care of things and gave Dargaroth a map to where they are staying.

On the way there they were attacked and defeated a dark dwarf and some demons. Fearing there may be more Dargaroth went back to the city to watch Travellon and see if anyone else could take his place in helping get rid of the dark dwarves by the ocean side.

The Key to Success

26 Flamerule, 1479 DR

The next morning Gorrick comes into the bunk house again and wakes the party up. “Come on you bunch of lazy bums, its 7 in the morning. I swear you guys sleep in like a bunch of halfings. Azagalas wants to talk to you. Its something about a key that you don’t know your looking for. It doesn’t make much sense to me, but either does you so called Champions sleeping in so late when there is so much evil around.” With that the dwarf starts moving through the room, opening shades and then grumbling something as he walks out.

Eventually you leave the bunk house and head towards the library where Azagalas is studying and are led to a room where you see the old man looking over some books.

Blood In

25 Flamerule, 1479 DR

The party accepted Azagalas’ invitation to join the Champions of Faerun but Gorrick Stonebelly, Man-at-arms at Fairbreeze manor didn’t trust them (although it seems like he may not trust anybody fully).

He introduced them to a bugbear, Cheng Cheng, who knew the whereabouts of a wanted drow assassin, Ereth. He charged the players with bringing in this assassin, who has been working in Baldur’s Gate for the last couple of years, dead or alive.

The party went north and ran into some of Ereth’s “minions”, a troll commanding a pack of worgs and a hill giant. During the battle, Ereth appeared with a couple more drow, ambushing Tia. The party defeated the giant, troll and worgs and chased down the drow, slaying every last one of them, including Ereth Leanorian.

They brought the body back to Gorrick and kept the treasure they had found, 1,000gp which was put in the group fund.

So... I got home again... - Journal Entry by Dresden Blackstone

You know, a simple wizard for hire just can’t win. Two years ago, my mentor disappears off the face of the Earth. While on one of my odd jobs trying to locate him, I run into a bunch of Shar goons who generally don’t agree with me… and one hot succubus.

The results are typical. I end up chained up in a dungeon somewhere, and tortured for hours. I’m still not sure why, its not like she asked any questions. I think she just enjoyed poking me with sharp burning objects. Can’t say I shared the passion.

So I’m hanging out, literally, trying to recover from my most recent session when this random guy I don’t know from Adam waltzes in and tells me to follow his lead, he’s going to get me out. Not to be an ass about it, and not really wanting to stay, I’m all for leaving so I keep my mouth shut, and go.

I end up falling in with this adventuring company that calls themselves the Shadow Legion. I really gotta wonder if that really scares anyone or anything. They try to come off as a crack group of adventurers, but its pretty clear to me that they’re in way over their head on this one. But hey, they got me out of a dungeon, I figure I’ll give em a hand.

So we go after this succubus who’s supposidly resurrecting Tiamat or something. And of course, get into a good old fashioned brawl. Love a good fight, but man, these guys gotta work on the teamwork aspect. I mean, they’re good… but… well.. maybe goods not the right word. We survived, killed my less then favorite succubus, and found out we yet another fight to go on. Joy. Unfortunately, I blacked out right about then. Its really becoming a rather bad habit, but I think its got something to do with what happened to me in that torture chamber. Maybe. In any case, its inconvienent as hell.

But on the upside, the party prevailed even with the lack of my wisdom and guidance, and we managed to win the day, and escape to boot.

Shortly there after, I found out my new ‘friends’ if you will have had an on again off again relationship with Shar that they’d just rather was off again. But it seems they’ve given Shar a mobile portal, which Shar has been using to run trade to its neighbors under the noses of its enemys. Joy. So I guess we get to go fix they’re past mistakes. That was a trek. I’ve not spent a lot of time in the Shadowfell, and our little sojourn there kinda reminded me as to why. Its pretty bleak, and tends to suck the enjoyment out of things. We eventually tracked their portal to a graveyard crypt… seriously, thats pretty cliche, even for Shar! Beat up the guardians, and headed down hoping not to piss off the locals, which for some reason, consider the Shadow Legion heros. Crazy, I know. Unfortunately, as we entered the crypt, I blacked out again. Apparently there was much fighting to be had between us and our destination. I couldn’t tell you – I was annoyingly unconcious – but I wonder just how much work these guys put in, I mean… they’ve struck me so far as a band of screw ups. Hell, they might have run into five kobolds and just had an off day for all I know.

But I digress. We managed to get down to the workshop of some sort of liche, which we hoped had a key for a lock that I probably could have bypassed… maybe. But, again, I was unconcious at the time, so I only knew we wanted to beat up the liche. Hostilitys ensued. The Warlord was all for running, and while his advice probably wasn’t in vain, I have to say I liked the Ranger’s panache and fighting spirit a little more. Needless to say, we stood and fought. And fought. And fought a little more.

In the end it was Badguys 0, Shadow Legion (really, who came up with that name!?) 4. Malakye had himself his own little fire party afterwards, and we found out what we needed to know to bypass the lock. So up we went.

After out Tiefling Rogue – whom I still don’t trust – tried the lock, we got our door open. She went in, and after a little bit of ‘pass the amulet’ we all passed the threshold. However, I stumbled inside by accident, and must have triggered a defensive spell of some sort, because the next thing I know I’m throwing thunderwave like its going out of style, and knocking the legion around.

I’ll be honest… I was horrified… and yet enjoyed it immensely. It was kinda fun, until the Ranger managed to get close and knock me out.

I don’t remember much else, apparently treasure was found, and the Harpers showed up. I rather like Harpers. Worked with them a few times in the past, they’re good people. Hell, they ported us to Candlekeep – And afterwards I got to go home. I’ve missed Baldurs Gate. Found out the landlady didn’t close my house, and the Harper Patron invited us to join a larger adventuring company. With yet another stupid name.

But hey – maybe they can help me find my mentor, finish fixing the mess these Shadow legion guys started – and if nothing else, the pay should be good. I guess I’m in.

Whats a little combat magic between friends anyway?

-Dresden Blackstone

A New Beginning

Ok, here’s the breakdown.

Twilight Destiny: You arrive in Candlekeep and spend a few days there researching. You encounter an old sage named Azagalas who knows a bit about the Wyrmskull Throne. The Wyrmskull Throne was the seat of the King of Shanatar, the greatest dwarven kingdom in the history of Faerun. It has been lost for centuries and most regard it as legend and nothing more. The throne is rumored to have had all sorts of powers. Of course, which ones are just stories and what is true is hard to discern.

Azagalas is willing to help Dargroth find this throne and fulfill his destiny. He also knows other sages and scholars who can help Rhyse find his tower, Cerangil learn more about the Feywild, etc. He says that he is a council member of a large adventuring company called the Champions of Faerun. He would be glad to accept you as members so you can help each other.

Shadow Legion: Azagalas is the patron that the harpers spoke of. Speaking with him, you find out that he knows a lot about Tiamat and believes that the last time Tiamat was banished from the face of Faerun was with the Wyrmskull Throne. Through the various connections CoF has, he can also help with other things such as destroying the Soul Keeper, battling the forces of Shar, etc. He also offers you membership into the Champions of Faerun so you may help each other in your various goals.

I know this is the definition of railroading but it is needed for this whole thing to work. I apologize.

Anyway, that’s the story, post in the comments with any questions you have.


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