Malakye Nightblade

Elven ranger of Mielikki


Demonbane Longsword +3 Aecris Longsword +3 Longsword +1 Longbow +2 Laughing Death Hide Armor +2 Quickhit Braces Dwarven Boots Luckbender Gloves Diadem of Acuity Amulet of Health +1 Impenetrable Barding Saphire Scabbard


Malakye Nightblade was born a human in a world called Mystara. As a young man, Malakye was a rogue in a large city, just trying to make his way in the world but after a relationship with a strange woman he won’t talk about, Malakye moved away from the city and into the wilderness.

Malakye learned the ways of the wilderness and eventually became a ranger. It was shortly after that he joined a group of adventurers that included Rhyse Swiftarrow, an elven fighter/mage. It was while adventuring with this group that Malakye was turned into an elf by a card he pulled from a magic deck.

Malakye had a tough time dealing with the fact that he was now an entirely different race and spent some time on his own, wandering the world and learning what it was to be an elf.

Once he returned, Malakye was fully comfortable with his new self. During this time is when Malakye first encountered giants and learned of their evil ways. They are cruel and greedy, destroying everything around them. Malakye witnessed the destruction of nature at the hands of giants and swore he would oppose them the rest of his life.

It was also during this time that Malakye developed a rivalry with the rogue, Malaise. Nobody is exactly sure what the issue was between those two but any who knew them both are surprised it never came to full violence.

After a long adventuring career, Malakye retired to an animal refuge he started. He stayed there for several years, enjoying the peace and quiet but that would not last. Malakye found that he once again craved adventure and was tired of staying in one spot. Having kept in touch with Rhyse, they went off together to find trouble.

During their adventures, Malakye and Rhyse were accidentally transported to Faerun. At first they tried to get back home but were unsuccessful. After a while, they came to like their new home and stopped trying to get back to Mystara. Malakye started a merchant coster that ran from Waterdeep to Sembia, made new friends and generally enjoyed life for a few years.

One fateful day, Malakye was informed of some trouble his caravans were running into. Undead giants were waylaying them in the mountains east of Cormyr. Malakye went to investigate and that was almost his undoing. After killing several undead giants, he found their lair and went inside. He was captured by a mind flayer lich called the Soul Keeper. The Soul Keeper saw strength in Malakye and through a long ritual, tried to make Malakye his undead champion. The process was interrupted by an earthquake which also freed Malakye. He managed to escape to the Dales where he found out that he had been imprisoned there for about 75 years. That was strange to Malakye since he had not aged and it hadn’t seemed that long. Obviously he had been in some sort of statis for the majority of his imprisonment.

After learning as much as he could in the Dales, he set off to learn more about what has happened to Faerun and to fight the many evils that have emerged in these dark times.

Malakye Nightblade

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