The Key to Success

26 Flamerule, 1479 DR

The next morning Gorrick comes into the bunk house again and wakes the party up. “Come on you bunch of lazy bums, its 7 in the morning. I swear you guys sleep in like a bunch of halfings. Azagalas wants to talk to you. Its something about a key that you don’t know your looking for. It doesn’t make much sense to me, but either does you so called Champions sleeping in so late when there is so much evil around.” With that the dwarf starts moving through the room, opening shades and then grumbling something as he walks out.

Eventually you leave the bunk house and head towards the library where Azagalas is studying and are led to a room where you see the old man looking over some books.


Tia wakes up groggily, and stretches her arms out and feels something running down her left arm. Looking over there’s a small gash in her arm.. Still yawning, she looks around at what could have caused it. Lazily looking about (Perception check Vs. Bluff). She notices nothing in her room that could have caused it, she then finally realizes she was gripping her knife, her knuckles almost turning white (strange for a tiefling!). She notices blood on the tip of her blade… She starts the worst curses she could possibly think of in Primordial, most of them included vile insults about Gorrick and the fracken dwarves.

She quickly grabs some cloth, not belonging to herself and whipes her arm off. The cut is deep. Gorrick woke her out of a deep sleep and some damn good violent dreams!! Unfortunately Gorricks voice seemed to carry louder than usual given the barrel of dwarven ale she finished off last night.

She woke up in a fright and must have gashed herself in the process. She stumbles out of bed while holding her arm and throws on the quickest clothing she can find. She stumbles down quickly and DEMANDS a HOT BATH be prepped immediately. (The servents stumble around quickly in fright as the cloth her arm is turning red by the second and she is haplessly waving her blood tipped dagger around the manor demanding a private bath.

Longer than Tia would have liked and after a concerted effort of yelling and screaming some in common some in primordial, the tenants finally have a hot soapy bath ready and extra herbs and roots to dress the wound with. Quickly she locks the door behind the last tenant and disrobes and climbs in the hot bath. Grabbing some of the herbal ointments left for her, she quickly rubs them onto the wound and lets her arm soak hoping none of the poison from her dagger soaked into the wound. Or well, if it did, that the quick attention would be sufficient to cleanse it of the poisons.

After succombing to the warm bath and maybe the poisons, or the herbs, or the ale from last night, she falls asleep in the bath. After a short bit, she wakes to “THUD THUD THUD” on the door and quickly thereafter an axe starts to splinter the wood. Cursing herself for putting her dagger down she quickly reaches out of the bath and grabs her dagger poised ready to throw it at the intrude.

“DAMN IT can’t a WOMAN take a private bath around her.”

We’ve been looking for you for the past 2 and half hours.” Gorrick grumbles in the hallways. Tia looks around the room, nothing’s change… contemplating his words, she washes her ears and says aloud, “I’m sorry Gorrick, I thought you were an intruder.. Now I wouldn’t go splintering that door any further, it just wouldn’t be proper for us to be seen together in these ‘conditions’... ...” Considering her predicament and knowing the dwarfes stubborness, she chooses her words carefully. “Gorrick, I know you want to demonstrate you’re strength to me, and I know you quite fancy me. I caught you eyeing me guzzling the dwarven ale last night… It just would not be proper right now, hear me? Maybe, one of these nights you could treat me proper and by a pretty lady some ale, and you could tell her proper war stories while she eyes you… While sitting on your lap all proper like… It just wouldn’t due to ruin the possibilities though…. If you just barge in like this right now….”

Tia, calmed herself, realizing she was completely poised standing topless out of the tub ready to throw her dagger if he came any further…. Thinking better of herself and the silence that followed she put her dagger down….

She faintly could hear some unrecognizable grumbling outside the door… She felt safe enough to quickly climb the rest of the way out and dress herself with the night clothes she came in wearing. She made her way back through the manor to her room, to dress into proper day clothes, and find out what Gorrick’s all in a ruckus about. She then remembered to check her wound… It looked a little festery, but, the ointments seemed to be doing the job as the wound had already begun to close. For good measure she wrapped it in some bandages, and taped it off… Embarrassed at the possibility of having to see a healer the first thing in the morning… Or afternoon, considering her 2 to 3 hour rest in the tub….

She smiled to herself, realizing her head felt a lot better and clearer now.. She set out to find the rest of the group in the manor, or at least find Gorrick so he could guide her the rest of the way…

Then reality set in… AAaaaaaah.. What have I done? she thinks to herself.. she quickly walked through the manor avoiding eye contact with everyone, hoping to avoid ever meeting Gorrick again, lest he actually take her up on buying more ale… Just the thought of more dwarven ale churned her stomach!

The Key to Success

Malakye woke with a start at Gorrick’s bellowing. Malakye didn’t usually sleep in late but the nights had been long recently. Meeting up with an old friend who you haven’t seen in a hundred years will do that.

Last night had been particularly long. Tia was heavy into the drink and Malakye had stuck around to keep an eye on her. He still doesn’t trust her fully. He’s not sure if he’s more afraid of her turning on the group and killing everybody or of her doing something stupid and getting herself killed. Either way, he didn’t think she should have been drinking that much.

Not wanting to think about it anymore, Malakye got up, did his morning exercises and got dressed. Afterwards he grabbed a bite to eat from the kitchen and went into the main room to meet with the rest of the group before heading out to speak with Azagalas.

The Key to Success

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