The Auction - Part 2

28 Flamerule, 1479 DR

With Dargroth going back to the city, Dresden and Jaz decided to go him on the way just incase. Once they got back to Baldur’s Gate they sent Rhyse to help the party.

Once Rhyse arrived the Champions of Faerun continued their way towards the Duergar lair and found some that just got done fighting some strange being of ice that destroyed many of them, guessing it was Lady Iceheart. The Duergar on the other hand seeing the party attacked them and were eventually killed.

The party then climbed down into the cave overlooking the ocean and found the Duergar lair. Inside was a large amount of treasure they were using to make their bid. Also in there was a Duergar and a Mindflayer. Knowing they would be attacked the Duergar asked help from his evil gods and the treasure rose into some live animated treasure golem. After a long battle the party was victorious and took the treasure and went back to town.

Once arriving back in the city, the party found out that Dargroth, Dresden, and Jaz ended up convincing Travellon that he was indeed in trouble. Travellon then decided he would in return gave the item to the Champions of Faerun for some financial help and security in his future missions.


Krisk has the magic items that it was thought best to wait for the rest of the party to show before they were handed out and also how much gold each member of the organization will get.

The Auction - Part 2

2476 is everyones cut in the gold

The Auction - Part 2

Tia steals Malakye’s portion and give sneak it into Rhyse’s bed when he’s not there.

The Auction - Part 2

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