The Auction

28 Flamerule, 1479 DR

The party found that the key that they are looking for is scepter. Talking to Travellon they found out that he planned on selling it to the highest bidder to help his other expeditions. Meanwhile they found out about other interested parties and did some investigation. After investigating the interested parties they found out that there was some dark dwarves and also Lady Iceheart that was looking for the scepter. Lady Iceheart had one of her minions talk to Dargaroth and told him that the dwarves would win the bid if they did not take care of things and gave Dargaroth a map to where they are staying.

On the way there they were attacked and defeated a dark dwarf and some demons. Fearing there may be more Dargaroth went back to the city to watch Travellon and see if anyone else could take his place in helping get rid of the dark dwarves by the ocean side.



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