Blood In

25 Flamerule, 1479 DR

The party accepted Azagalas’ invitation to join the Champions of Faerun but Gorrick Stonebelly, Man-at-arms at Fairbreeze manor didn’t trust them (although it seems like he may not trust anybody fully).

He introduced them to a bugbear, Cheng Cheng, who knew the whereabouts of a wanted drow assassin, Ereth. He charged the players with bringing in this assassin, who has been working in Baldur’s Gate for the last couple of years, dead or alive.

The party went north and ran into some of Ereth’s “minions”, a troll commanding a pack of worgs and a hill giant. During the battle, Ereth appeared with a couple more drow, ambushing Tia. The party defeated the giant, troll and worgs and chased down the drow, slaying every last one of them, including Ereth Leanorian.

They brought the body back to Gorrick and kept the treasure they had found, 1,000gp which was put in the group fund.



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